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PostSubject: Still Around   Still Around Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 9:28 am

Just to let you all know myself and Panther are still around and still active on the DKC Server. We have an issue which has been going on years i know its virgin media but not sure if i can do anything my end to correct issue.

My pc is goung to router via nic cable and Panthers is wireless, When we both go in kp server our pings go up untill we freeze if i go out server Panther can carry on playing and ping drops. I think its a bandwith issue from Virginmedia as they keep saying the ubr needs upgrading. They dont support online gaming so cant help.

Have reinstalled windows loads of times replaced router twice but still same issue. The question is can i control how much bandwith each pc can use?

Also forgot to mension sometimes its fine like 9am in morning, Since we both want to play at tea time this is were we have the issue any help you can offer would be great thanks.

Dodge & Panther
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Still Around
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