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 GameSpy Not Working

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GameSpy Not Working Empty
PostSubject: GameSpy Not Working   GameSpy Not Working Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 9:17 am

Currently Gamespy is not showing any Kingpin servers (other than the ones you have selected as favourites).
Update Two servers are now showing up for me in GameSpy Lite ([DKC] Clan Server and the NeWEast KP2 Mod Server). Hopefully more will show up over the next few days lol.

I installed QTracker and that shows around 14 servers (I know QTracker doesn't show our CRASH Mod server but i'm not sure if that is all the remaining servers as I thought there were around 22 - 25 servers running).

For more info goto http://www.kingpinforever.com/
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GameSpy Not Working
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